Thursday, December 3, 2009

Now a robot that reads your intention !

I have been always spellbound by the idea of robots and the leeway of the activities they can perform to mimic humans to act as our counterpart and not (just) as servants or slaves, I am referring robots as a counterpart to mention some of the amazing features or should I say aptitude; these new generation of robots will have, well it is being said that they will be able to observe the behavior, map it against the task and quickly learn to anticipate (partner actions) or spot errors when the partner does not follow the correct or expected procedure. Ultimately a robot will be able to anticipate/predict the actions and intentions of a human partner as they work collaboratively on a task.
The crux of this (more advanced the more human like) robot will be its pseudo “mirror neurons” which are found in human brain, which resonate as if they were mimicking the activity the brain learns about an activity by effectively copying what is going on. So what will be the upshot of it on us, well I have this hypothetical thought; For engineers specially programmers these robots will be competitors, as they will have this pseudo thinking power guided by the designers of the computer program or the designers of the whole system they will be working for. These robots can be better alternatives for MANAGERS having the ability to discuss and explore possibilities, assess their companion’s ideas and anticipate what their partners might do next! (That is what the project is aiming for) and for Doctors, well I guess we will not need them at all as these intelligent bots (or soon to be called Docs!) will have the access to the best possible elucidation/prescription for the patients, supported by the most advanced the healthcare software (which will be developed by them only) through internet or should I say CLOUD!


  1. I liked dis info abt robots n aftr reading dis, m drming of having my own robot (giv me 1 as a gift)..........but plzzzz docs r docs, wat ll docs do if robots start doing doc's work.............