Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Infosys says none of 700000 engineers in India are competent enough for their Engeering science prize !

India churns out around 700000 engineers every year. And yet our very own Infosys Technologies reportedly failed to find a worthy candidate for its Infosys Engineering Science Prize 2009.

The company has decided not to give the prize in this category to anyone this year. Infosys' Chief Operating Officer (COO), SD Shibulal, told that there were 34 nominees for the engineering and computer science prize but even after relaxing the age limit to 55 years, the jury could not find anyone who met all the criteria of the Infosys Prize. So, the jury took the unanimous decision to not award the prize for the engineering sciences discipline this year.

I guess all these 700000 engineers (Including me!) will surely say (what the heck) this means Infosys thinks all the IITs and NITs in the country are not educating/have not educated these 700000 engineers well enough so that they could (or atleast one of them) become the winner of the so called "Infosys Engineering Science Prize."

What i think here is that the decision made by Infosys was based on only a small amount engineers participated in competition (this seems quite obvious) and they should have relaxed the age limit to 2 more years i.e., 57 years so that atleast their very own man Mr. Nandan Nilekani (IIT mumbai graduate) could have won the prize!!!

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